Cat Toys

Cat Toys
This category includes the cheapest on Cat Toys products listed from £9.99-£34.99

Catit Play Circuit

The Catit Play circuit consists of a ball that zips around a closed track in rollercoaster fashion s..


Catit Super Senses Cat Toy

The special peek-a-boo cover stimulates your cat to chase and swat the ball, for hours of entertainm..


Extra Tall Scratching Post

With an extra soft plush base your cats can have a comfortable place to reach up and stretch while t..


FroliCat - Bolt Pet Laser Toy

The FroliCat Bolt Pet Laser Toy will provide hours of fun for you and your pet. Hold or place on a f..


Frolicat - Dart Pet Laser Toy

The Frolicat Dart cat toy is a fully automatic 360 degree rotating laser light that features project..


Petface Cat Toy Bundle

Provide your cat with hours of fun with the Petface toy bundle which includes a pom pom teaser and a..


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